Your equipment IS your business!

Whatever line of business you’re in, it can only function properly if your commercial chillers and other refrigeration systems are in good working order. From walk-in cold rooms and standalone freezer cabinets to commercial AC and HVAC equipment, your business can come grinding to a halt should any of these systems fail.

Since your equipment IS your business, you should ask yourself some questions:

  • What preventative measures have you got in place for your refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment?
  • What will you and your staff do if you turn up to work one day and find chiller unit is rising in temperature while fully stocked with food?
  • How will your staff work efficiently during the summer months if the air-conditioning is not working effectively?
  • Are you compliant with F Gas regulations?, This is a legal requirement.

The key to keeping your refrigeration equipment in top condition is regular servicing and preventative maintenance. All mechanical equipment (which includes all your cooling equipment) deteriorate over time but, with a bit of forward planning, you can improve the longevity of your equipment and be able to anticipate a potential breakdown before it happens.

Regular Servicing

Servicing a chiller cabinet, an AC unit, or any other piece of cooling equipment is a job best reserved for trained professionals. A service engineer will carefully remove the casing of each unit, inspecting and cleaning its component parts and making sure they are in good condition. Once the cleaning is complete, they will reassemble the device, and you should find it operating better than ever.

Service plan which includes preventative maintenance

A HVAC and refrigeration preventative maintenance plan is an important investment for any company that uses such equipment. It gives you reassurance that you have someone you can call if you notice your equipment is not operating at peak efficiency. If your chiller cabinet temperatures are rising or your commercial AC unit is only managing a feeble breeze instead of an arctic blast, it doesn’t mean they’re on their last legs, it just means their components are probably clogged up with dirt, dust, and debris and in need of a service.

By being proactive and setting up a service plan with Myddleton Maintenance, not only will you have the confidence that you’ve done all you can to limit any inconvenience from a poorly-performing piece of refrigeration equipment, but you’ll also know who to call when anything goes wrong. We provide servicing and preventative maintenance packages for all of the following:

  • Air-conditioning units
  • Condensers
  • Evaporators
  • Walk in cold rooms
  • Fridges
  • Freezers
  • Food production areas
  • Plant room

At Myddleton Maintenance, we put together the perfect HVAC and refrigeration preventative maintenance plan to meet your particular needs. Give us a call on 01438 741045 and see what we can do for you.

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