Why Service Air Conditioning Units

Has your building’s air-conditioning system been installed for a few years now? Have you recently taken over new premises with existing air-conditioning ? If so, do you know the last time the system underwent F Gas leak testing as part of its regular inspection, servicing, and deep cleaning?

Here at Myddleton Maintenance, we provide commercial air conditioning maintenance services for clients across the UK. A clean, well-maintained air-con system is essential for its continued performance, as well as the safety of your staff, customers, and other visitors.

Benefits Of Air Conditioning Cleaning & Servicing

Keeping your air conditioning system in good condition is essential for any commercial or industrial enterprise. It ensures the following:

  • your business is compliant with your legal obligations regarding F Gas leak testing.
  • your system is hygienically clean and sanitised, minimising the risk of legionella and other air-borne viruses for the safety of your staff and customers.
  • your equipment is working efficiently, helping you save on electricity costs – more important than ever in today’s economic climate.

What If My Air Conditioning System Is Working?

The problem with most air-conditioning units is that you can’t tell that there’s a fault until it’s too late. Unless, of course, you invest in regular commercial air conditioning maintenance. And it is an investment. Deep cleaning your air-conditioning has been proven to save you money in the long-run. This includes but is not limited to:

  • reduction in the number of breakdowns
  • lower and less frequent repair bills
  • increased longevity of air-conditioning equipment
  • improved air quality

How Often Should the Service Be Carried Out?

There are many factors that will determine the number of service visits you air conditioning will require each year. These can include how many units you have, where they and your business are located, how much footfall you experience, and how often the units are used.

Here at Myddleton Maintenance, we recommend a minimum of two service and deep cleans each year for most companies, though more visits may be required in some instances.  This regular air conditioning cleaning and servicing will ensure you are F Gas compliant and keep your equipment in good working order.

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance That Works For You

With our service and deep cleaning contracts you can leave all the planning to us. We will schedule any service dates and organise your preventative maintenance programme. Our experienced staff will contact you when the service is due and book a mutually convenient time for the work to take place. We pride ourselves on accommodating our clients and ensuring minimal disruption to the day-to-day running of your business.   

How Do I Book Air Conditioning Cleaning & Servicing?

To learn more about our air conditioning preventative planned maintenance or to book in a service, call us on 01438 741045

In Depth Air Conditioning Maintenance

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