Why Choose Myddleton Maintenance Services for Your PPM

Planned preventative maintenance is a proactive approach to equipment maintenance that involves scheduling servicing and maintenance at regular intervals. These tasks can include cleaning, inspection, lubrication, and replacement of worn parts. By performing these tasks regularly, businesses can extend the life of their equipment, reduce downtime, and avoid costly repairs.

One of the key benefits of a planned service is that it helps businesses identify potential problems before they occur. For example, if a technician notices worn condenser fan motor bearings during a routine inspection, they can replace them before they fail. This proactive approach to maintenance can save businesses time and money in the long run.

Myddleton Maintenance – Providing Expert PPM for Over 30 Years

Myddleton has over 30 years’ experience of providing planned preventative maintenance to businesses across the UK. Based in Hertfordshire, we are ideally located to service clients in both the North and South of England.

Our vast experience in facilities maintenance and team of fully-accredited engineers allow us to offer a high-quality service that provides excellent value for money.

A Quality Service Provider

The value of regular PPM and the standard of the service we offer has allowed us to build a reputation as a quality service provider. We are proud to service a growing list of prestigious companies including:

  • The Shangri-La Hotel
  • Barfoots of Botely
  • Bradford Swissport
  • The Chesterfield Group
  • Iceland Food Group

A Range of PPM Services to Match Your Requirements

We offer a full range of planned preventative maintenance services, designed to keep your equipment functioning at maximum capacity and avoid unnecessary breakdowns. 

These services can be customised to meet the specific needs of different businesses. Our skilled team can evaluate the needs of a business and recommend a maintenance program that will keep your equipment running at peak performance. 

Our PPM services can include:  

  • Commercial refrigeration cleaning & maintenance
  • Commercial air conditioning cleaning & maintenance
  • F-Gas leak testing
  • Plant room cleaning
  • Fogger and micro-misting servicing
  • Mortuary cleaning

Our Key Services

Commercial Refrigeration Cleaning & Maintenance

Commercial refrigeration systems are essential for businesses that need to store perishable goods. These systems are complex and require regular maintenance to ensure that they are running efficiently. Planned preventative maintenance services for commercial refrigeration systems can include identifying and recommending replacement of worn parts and cleaning.

Cleaning is an essential component of commercial refrigeration maintenance. Over time, dirt and debris can accumulate on the condenser coil and evaporator, reducing the efficiency of the system. Our skilled technicians can clean all integral parts, ensuring that the system is running efficiently as well as carrying out a deep clean of casing and condensate trays and carrying out F Gas leak checks.

Commercial Air Conditioning Cleaning & Maintenance

Commercial air conditioning systems are essential for keeping businesses comfortable during the hot summer months. Like refrigeration systems, air conditioning systems require regular maintenance to ensure that they are running efficiently.

Planned preventative maintenance for air conditioning systems includes a full deep clean and replacement of filters as well as testing for F-Gas leaks inline with F Gas regulations.

F-Gas Leak Testing

F-gas leak testing is a critical component of planned preventative maintenance for businesses that use refrigeration or air conditioning systems. F-gases are a group of gases that are commonly used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. These gases can be harmful to the environment if they leak into the atmosphere.

F-Gas Leak Testing is mandatory under government guidelines, and it must be conducted by a skilled engineer at regular intervals based on the equipment’s equivalent weight of carbon dioxide. These intervals typically occur every 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.

Mortuary Refrigeration Cleaning

Mortuaries require specialised cleaning to ensure that they are providing a safe environment for employees and visitors. Mortuary refrigeration PPM can include cleaning the walls, floors, drainage, ceilings, internal fixtures, evaporators, and condensers of mortuary fridges and cold rooms.

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