The Importance of Professional Plant Room Cleaning

Plant rooms are an essential part of commercial and industrial buildings. They hold key equipment which ensures the smooth running of the property, including heating, ventilation, refrigeration, air conditioning, power, and more. Since these areas of the building normally have restricted access, they are left to their own devices until the equipment develops a fault or in the event of an emergency.

Unfortunately, this lack of attention leaves them vulnerable to long term oil leaks, infestation by vermin and other wildlife, including rats and pigeons. While nesting in the plant room, they will inevitably leave dropping and debris that are harmful to humans and they could well chew through wires and cables, potentially resulting in a fire risk. Likewise, oils leaks with accumulated rubbish and leaves blown in by the wind can also create a serious fire hazard, putting your property and employees in danger.

Professional Plant Room Cleaning

This is why plant room cleaning is so important. We were recently instructed to clean and sanitise refrigeration packs in a rooftop plant room. This is a common location for these rooms, as it is out of reach of unauthorised staff and doesn’t take up valuable room inside the building. In this instance, the packs were held in a wooden shed that had degraded over the years. It was now home to a flock of pigeons that was using it as a nesting area.  Our team of professional cleaners removed the nesting materials and droppings, deep cleaned and sanitised the packs and framework, before clearing out the debris and rubbish that had accumulated over the years. Once clear, the room was thoroughly washed and sanitised, leaving a much nicer working area.

Industrial Plant Cleaning Services

Myddleton Maintenance Services provides plant room cleaning solutions to commercial and industrial clients across Hertfordshire and the UK. Our professional cleaning staff ensure your plant rooms, packs, and framework are thoroughly cleaned and sanitised, resulting in a safe and functional work area that looks its best.

Our industrials plant cleaning services include:

  • refrigeration packs: removing dirt and grease
  • compressors: removing dirt and grease
  • plant room cleaning: removing debris and rubbish
  • painting packs, compressors, and plant room floors
  • cleaning and painting plant room louvres
  • removing pigeon and vermin droppings and nesting material 
  • floor cleaning: removing dirt and grease
  • high level cleans: ceilings, walls, fixtures, and lights
  • painting of plant: framework and floor area

For all your plant room cleaning needs in Hertfordshire and across the UK, get in touch with Myddleton Maintenance Services today. Call us on 01438 741045 to discuss your requirements and to get a free, no-obligation quote.

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