Myddleton provides specialist mortuary refrigeration and air conditioning cleaning services to funeral parlours in Hertfordshire and across the UK.

Maintaining excellent hygiene controls and practices in mortuaries is essential to protect staff and visitors from infection through surface and airborne pathogens, and illness caused by the chemicals used during the embalming process.

Mortuary Refrigeration Cleaning & Maintenance

Ensuring that mortuary equipment such as fridges and cold rooms are fully sanitised, disinfected, and maintained is essential for the correct storage of the deceased whilst they are awaiting preparation, viewings, or burial/cremation.

Along with cleaning the walls, floors, drainage, ceilings, and internal fixtures of mortuary fridges and cold rooms, our trained specialists also fully clean and maintain the functional elements such as evaporators and condensers.

Evaporators and condensers are essential to maintaining the correct low temperatures, usually around 2 to 4 degree Celsius, helping to delay the decomposition of the bodies and prevent pathogens and bacteria from growing.

Over time, evaporators and condensers can become blocked with dirt and debris that can reduce efficiency, increase operating temperatures, and add as much as 30% to the energy consumption.

Mortuary Air Conditioning

Maintaining lower temperatures inside the mortuary is also important for the preservation of bodies and the wellbeing of staff during the embalming procedure and dressing. Air conditioning in a mortuary works in combination with ventilation systems to improve the overall environmental conditions.

Working with chemicals such as formaldehyde requires lower handling temperatures to reduce the release of harmful vapours, whilst the ventilation works to remove any harmful vapours that are released.

Regular air conditioning cleaning and maintenance helps to maintain safe working practices and protect staff from a host of respiratory and dermatological issues.

Our fully qualified air conditioning engineers can assist with the following:

Mortuary Cleaning - Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Servicing & Maintenance

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How to Set Up Planned Servicing & Maintenance for Mortuary Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

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