Myddleton has over 30 years’ experience assisting commercial and industrial customers with their refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance requirements. One of the most important components of any refrigeration unit, air conditioning system, cold room, or cellar cooler is the evaporator.

What is an evaporator?

An evaporator is a component of refrigeration and air conditioning units that converts refrigerant from liquid to gas creating a cold surface. Warm air is transferred across the surface to create the cooled air that is transferred to the room or cabinet.   

Evaporator Cleaning

Evaporators can get very dirty and blocked with grime and debris. Refrigerator, cold room, and cellar cooler doors that are left open for significant periods can also cause the evaporator to become affected by a build up of ice as cold air escapes and warm air enters. Dirty and obstructed evaporators can reduce efficiency and increase energy usage by as much as 30%. These obstructions can also lead to poor cooling performance and overheating.

Regular evaporator cleaning is essential to ensure that ice and dirt is removed to improve performance and remove any bacteria in the evaporator, this will in turn reduce the bacteria in any water feeding into the drain lines when the unit is on defrost. When the water settles in the drip or condensate tray, the bacterial growth will be at a minimum, reducing the chances of any blockages or water leaks.

Why choose Myddleton

Myddleton have experienced teams to undertake a wide range of air conditioning and refrigeration cleaning and maintenance services including evaporator cleaning. Our staff are IPAF and PASMA trained and F-Gas category 4 certified allowing them to work at height and perform leak testing.

Based in Hertfordshire, we provide evaporator cleaning services locally as well as across the UK. We can plan and arrange planned preventative maintenance programs for cleaning of evaporators to ensure that the equipment is always working at its best and maintain hygiene levels.

Evaporator Maintenance

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Cost of regular evaporator cleaning

Myddleton offers fully bespoke PPM contacts to meet your businesses individual requirements. We provide free, no obligation quotations for all of our services. The price we quote is the price you pay, we don’t include any additional costs or hidden fees.

Our quotes are based on the number of sites that require maintenance services as well as the type of equipment and how frequently you would like us to attend.

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning and refrigeration units including evaporator cleaning will help you extend the life of your equipment and avoid costly repair and replacement bills.

Evaporator cleaning
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Recommendations for air-conditioning and refrigeration PPM

Myddleton is fortunate to have earned the loyalty of many clients who are willing to provide testimonials about our refrigeration and air-conditioning maintenance services, both in terms of the quality of our work and the cost-efficiency of our services.

We visit a highly diverse range of facilities to carry out regular maintenance of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, from premises owned by major UK retail brands and top manufacturing companies to public buildings, locations used by SMEs, and estates managed by facility management contractors.