Myddleton provides environmental cleaning and sanitation services to assist commercial and industrial clients with maintaining hygiene standards and keeping their working environment clean.

Industrial Plant Cleaning Services

Industrial plant cleaning services are essential for the success of the business. In order to produce goods effectively and conform with regulations, machinery and working environments need to be kept clean and in good working order. 

Myddleton can assist by carefully cleaning all plant equipment to remove the grease, dirt, and grime that builds up over time. Keeping the equipment clean will demonstrate that there are good hygiene standards across the site and not just in the areas customers see.

Our industrial plant cleaning services include:

Plant rooms are an area of many industrial buildings that are often neglected with cleaning and maintenance schedules. Containing essential equipment used for supplying the premises with services such as power and ventilation, they tend to be out of sight and only entered in the case of a fault or emergency. We can provide a full plant room cleaning service to ensure it remains well maintained. We can also paint the framework and packs to leave them looking their best. 

Refrigeration Plant Cleaning

Myddleton can assist with refrigeration plant maintenance for commercial and industrial clients. Refrigeration plants are essential for the cooling process, air conditioning, and storage of goods, so require the correct care to maintain product integrity.

Our refrigeration plant maintenance services include:

Environmental Health Cleaning

Food retailers, wholesalers, and food storage facilities have a legal obligation to follow food hygiene laws enforced by local authorities. Environmental health officers can inspect a business at any time without prior notice, so it is essential that there is a strict hygiene program in place.

As part of an environmental health visit, inspectors will issue an FSA rating. If your business receives a rating of 0, your business may be subject to penalties or immediate closure. Not only can this closure result in loss of earnings, an FSA rating of 0 can seriously affect the reputation of a business.

As part of our environmental health cleaning service, we can clean underneath refrigeration units and in hard to access areas to remove everyday food and dirt debris that can attract vermin and pests including rats, flies, cockroaches, and larder beetles.

It is often under refrigeration units that vermin will make their nests. Although we cannot eliminate the vermin, we can remove all debris and sanitise the area after the vermin has been removed. This clean carried out on a regular basis will ensure hygiene standards are maintained.


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