Commercial Chiller, Fridge & Freezer Maintenance

Myddleton has extensive experience of providing commercial refrigeration cleaning services and maintenance to supermarkets, retailers, and restaurants in Hertfordshire and across the UK.

Whether you require a one-off service or a regular scheduled cleaning and maintenance contract, we can provide a bespoke quotation to meet your exact requirements. We work with single-site businesses as well as companies with multiple locations. Our experience and expertise in this sector guarantee that your costs will be manageable, especially when compared to the expense you face if your equipment is NOT regularly inspected, maintained, and cleaned.

Carrying out planned maintenance of refrigeration systems will ensure the equipment is working efficiently and reduce energy consumption.

Our commercial chiller, fridge and freezer cleaning and maintenance services include:

Our engineers are trained to F-Gas Category 4, which allows them to complete leak testing for stationary refrigeration.

Supermarket refrigeration case cleaning

We provide supermarket refrigeration case cleaning services within large and independent shops, allowing them to stay compliant with industry standards and regulations. 

Myddleton understands how important regular refrigeration case cleaning is for the health and safety of your employees and customers as well as your reputation; for example; leaking drains will be a slip hazard. Cabinet cleaning which will include deep cleans, cabinet strip downs, under-cabinet cleaning, drain and condensate tray flushing, and honeycomb cleaning; will enable the unit to function correctly and the drains to move water away without debris causing blockages. We provide services for both horizontal and vertical refrigeration units.

Why you need commercial refrigeration cleaning services

Commercial refrigeration drains and condensate trays are a breeding ground for bacteria; this can grow at a very fast rate and is another reason to ensure that regular maintenance is carried out. This bacteria forms into a jelly, which will cause blockages and then water leaks. Correct condensate tray, drain sanitisation, and case cleaning will remove the jelly and slow the bacterial growth.

Condensers also require regular cleaning to extend the life of the refrigeration units. Planned maintenance of internal and external condensers ensure that they are kept clear of debris, dust, and dirt that can cause blockages. One of the main functions of a condenser is to transfer heat away from the refrigerant and convert it into an alternative form such as air or water. If the condenser isn’t functioning correctly, the heat can’t be transferred correctly causing unit inefficiency.   

Let us take care of your refrigeration cleaning and maintenance

If you are servicing a large retailer, it is likely that part of the contract will include you having to provide planned preventative maintenance such as refrigeration case cleaning. With so many tasks to complete within the contract and deadlines to maintain, it can be difficult to meet service level agreements and key performance indicators. Let us take care of the time-consuming tasks so your engineers are free to respond to reactive service calls.
Myddleton can assist with keeping your planned preventative maintenance program up to date. We can prepare schedules, contact stores, arrange convenient times for the visits, prepare floor plans, and complete the required audit reports once the tasks have been completed.
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