Commercial Air Conditioning Cleaning

Myddleton has over 30 years’ experience of working with businesses in Hertfordshire and across the UK to provide commercial air conditioning cleaning, servicing, and maintenance to improve the efficiency and reliability of their units.

We have experience of working within a wide range of industries with varying requirements. From supermarkets and shops to warehouses and factories, healthcare environment, restaurants, hospitality venues, and offices all focusing on the comfort of employees and customers, we have the expertise to assist with the performance and efficiency of air-conditioning systems including:

Planned Servicing and Maintenance

Myddleton offer planned servicing and maintenance of air-conditioning units. 

Regular ac maintenance will:

  • Ensure you remain compliant with current regulations
  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and cut energy consumption
  • Reduce running costs
  • Lengthen the life span of the units
  • Keep you compliant with warranty conditions
We are based in Hertfordshire and provide planned, preventative maintenance across the UK. Whether your business has a single site or multiple locations, our highly-experienced team can arrange PPM services at a time that is convenient for your business including weekends and out of hours.

Why book commercial air-conditioning servicing and maintenance?

Although there are some basic elements of commercial air conditioning cleaning that you can carry out yourself, booking planned ac maintenance by a qualified air-conditioning engineer will ensure more thorough care.

A qualified engineer will follow specific guidelines to check everything is working to a high level, identifying any potential issues or faults, and suggest a course of action to get them resolved. As part of the air-conditioning service, the engineer will examine the internal and external components of the unit including:

The size of the ac system will determine how often leak testing should take place and it makes sense to book the cleaning of the ac to coincide with their F-gas leak testing schedule to keep the units in good working order and operating safely.

How often is F-gas regulations leak testing required?

Under government guidelines it is a legal requirement for equipment containing F-Gas to be tested for leaks at regular intervals depending on the equivalent weight of carbon dioxide that the equipment contains. Air-conditioning units require testing at either 3 monthly, 6 monthly, or 12 monthly intervals.  You can find out how to calculate the carbon dioxide equivalent of a quantity of F-gas and determine how often your air-conditioning units require testing by visiting the government’s guidance and support page

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How to set up PPM for commercial air-conditioning

The responsive and professional team at Myddleton are ready to provide a fast quote for commercial air conditioning cleaning, servicing and maintenance as well as planned preventative maintenance contracts and F-Gas leak testing.

Whether you need 100% trustworthy maintenance services for one site or multiple locations, we can serve clients anywhere in the UK, regardless of the age and complexity of your air and temperature control assets.

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