Refrigeration Case Cleaning

Here at Myddleton Maintenance Services, we specialise in commercial refrigeration cleaning and maintenance services. A key component of those services is refrigeration case cleaning. This can be provided as a one-off cleaning solution, or incorporated into a broader package of cleaning and maintenance, depending on your particular needs and requirements. 

Why is refrigeration case cleaning so important?

For a refrigeration chiller to work effectively and maintain its optimum temperature, it requires a regular cleaning and maintenance regimen. This includes tasks such as cleaning the evaporators to remove ice and debris and cleaning the drain lines of jelly and blockages. Not only do these simple tasks help reduce energy consumption, they also minimise the risk of leaks, which are a serious health and safety concern.

Commercial refrigeration cleaning services

Myddleton Maintenance Services provides three levels of refrigeration case cleaning – functional, deep, and cosmetic.

Functional refrigeration case cleaning

As part of our functional cleaning service, we would deal with the following:

  • evaporators 
  • fans and baffle boards
  • drain lines, condensate drains or pump trays. 
  • honeycombs 
  • air off grills 

Deep refrigeration case cleaning

Our next level of refrigeration case cleaning includes all the steps in our functional service, in addition to the following steps, intended to improve overall airflow:

  • removal of all shelves 
  • remove and clean behind top panels
  • remove and clean behind back panels 

Cosmetic refrigeration case cleaning

Our most popular and intensive solution, our cosmetic refrigeration case cleaning incorporates all of our functional and deep cleaning services. It helps to keep your unit operating at peak efficiency, while also making it look its best for you and your customers. This includes cleaning:

  • shelves to remove spillages, dirt, stickers and labels 
  • baseboards 
  • glass end panels 
  • all Perspex dividers 
  • back and top panels 

However thoroughly your refrigeration case needs cleaning, Myddleton Maintenance Services has the staff, tools, and experience to deliver a first-class service. Our team covers our own county of Hertfordshire, and most of the UK. For more information, or to discuss your particular requirements, call the team today on 01438 741045

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