Is it Time to Have Your Mortuary Fridge Serviced?

Whether you work at a hospital or a funeral home, it is essential that your mortuary fridge or cold room is regularly serviced. These crucial pieces of chiller equipment need to undergo scheduled maintenance if they are to operate at peak performance. Failure to do so can have a big impact on your business.

In this article, we will look at some of the key steps undertaken during the cleaning and servicing process and why they are so important:

Cleaning Evaporators and Condensers

In addition to cleaning the storage area of the mortuary fridge, we pay close attention to the functional elements of your chilling equipment. The evaporators and condensers are two crucial pieces of equipment that help to maintain the correct temperature in your cold room. Over time, these components can become blocked with day-to-day dirt and debris, resulting in a loss of efficiency. Not only can this cause the temperature within the fridge to rise, it will also increases energy consumption. A regular cleaning and maintenance schedule can ensure these parts operate at full efficiency.

Air Conditioning and Ventilation

Low temperatures aren’t just essential in the storage area of your mortuary fridge or cold room. If you are examining the deceased for medical reasons, preparing them for burial or cremation, or for family to visit their loved ones, the room in which you are working also needs to be kept at a suitable temperature. In addition to this, certain chemicals used in the process produce dangerous vapours as they warm up, necessitating the need for consistently low temperatures, coupled with adequate ventilation. This is why your mortuary cleaning routine should include a full servicing of your air conditioning and ventilation system. This includes cleaning and changing the air conditioner filters, as well as cleaning the condenser and evaporator coil.

Cleaning the Mortuary Fridge

A beneficial addition to your scheduled maintenance solution. Ensuring that the cold room itself is thoroughly deep cleaned along with internal fixtures and trays, will greatly reduce the risk of cross contamination from pathogens.  We disinfect and sanitise the walls, floors, ceiling, and doors of the mortuary cold room using the latest deep cleaning technology. 

Keeping mortuary rooms clean and in good working condition will create a safe environment for staff and give the families peace of mind that their loved ones are being dealt with respect. 

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