How PPM Can Improve Energy Efficiency

Already, energy costs are among the major outgoings for individuals and businesses alike. With the recent lifting of the energy price cap, these costs are expected to rise by 50% across most sectors, with further price hikes anticipated in the future. With such significant increases on the horizon, it is important that we all do what we can to mitigate the rise in costs. 

Small changes – big differences

Even the smallest changes to your way of working can have a large knock-on effect on your energy costs. The larger your company, the bigger your potential savings, as you can apply these measures across multiple sites. So, what sort of changes are we talking about? 

Planned preventative maintenance

HVAC and refrigeration preventative maintenance (PPM) is a scheduled maintenance routine that you can apply to all your equipment. It involves regular checks followed by a thorough cleaning of your machinery to ensure they are in full working order to make sure they continue to operate at full efficiency. 

How PPM can reduce your energy costs

Like most equipment, chillers, coldrooms, and air-conditioning units all suffer from wear and tear. Ice and debris build up in the condensers and evaporators, for example. This slows down the cooling process, causing the equipment to work harder, just to provide the temperature required. A commercial refrigeration or air-conditioning maintenance routine ensures that your equipment is cleaned out of any unwanted debris or contaminants, so it works at full capacity without applying extra effort. 

What can be included in a PPM package?

The specifics of your planned preventative maintenance packages depend on the type of cooling equipment you have on site. At Myddleton Maintenance Services, we offer several options for our clients, including the following:

  • condenser cleaning for a/c cold rooms and remote chillers
  • evaporator cleaning for cold stores and refrigeration units
  • air conditioning cleaning, including replacement of air conditioning filters
  • integral refrigeration unit cleaning
  • cleaning of air curtains 

Whatever your set-up, Myddleton Maintenance Services have trained staff to carry out maintenance work on a wide range of equipment both locally in Hertfordshire and nationally across the UK.  If you would like more information on our services call 01438 741045.

Energy efficiency

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