Deep Cleaning Mortuary Cold Rooms

When you think of cold room cleaning services, the mortuary at your local hospital or funeral home isn’t usually the first place that springs to mind. These places – and others like them – perform a vital function.

Here at Myddleton Maintenance, we were recently instructed to carry out a deep clean for an NHS Trust, which included a full disinfection and sanitation of their mortuary cold-rooms. Of course, our team takes immense pride in their work, wherever it might take them, but providing essential deep clean services in a mortuary makes you feel as though you’re working towards something bigger – something that impacts the whole community.

Likewise, we recently deep-cleaned the mortuary chillers at an independent funeral home. Though the job was on a smaller scale and the chillers themselves less voluminous than the hospital mortuary, the work was no less important to us.

Essential Mortuary Cleaning Services

Death is an inescapable part of life, whether we wish to think about it or not. For all of us, life’s great journey is likely to end in either a hospital mortuary or a funeral home. The staff who work there day in and day out operate with the greatest respect to the deceased, performing tasks that few others would be prepared to take on.

As professional deep cleaners, we play our part in helping mortuary staff maintain the high standards of cleanliness that is expected of these environments.

Health and Hygiene

Hygiene is of paramount importance in any sort of mortuary setting, being vital for the continued health, safety, and protection of staff and visitors alike. Employers are required by law to ensure that all chiller areas are thoroughly disinfected and sanitised on a regular basis. As well as the usual risks of bacterial build-up and mould growth, which can affect any sort of cold room, mortuaries face the additional danger of contamination by blood-borne viruses (BBV).

Scheduled Deep Cleaning

A regular cleaning regime is key to keeping mortuary staff and visitors safe. At Myddleton Maintenance, we recommend either a quarterly or 4-monthly deep cleaning schedule for all mortuary and funeral home cold-rooms. We can put together the ideal package for your business, providing you with prompts and reminders when your regular deep clean is due. This allows you to concentrate of the needs of your clients and their loved ones, safe in the knowledge that you are fulfilling your legal obligations.

If you operate a mortuary and need a cold-room cleaning service that you can rely on, give the team at Myddleton Maintenance a call today. You can reach us on 01438 741 045 to discuss your cleaning requirements, arrange a planned preventative maintenance schedule, or obtain a free, no-obligation quote for our services.

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