Commercial Air Conditioner Cleaning

Now that we are at the halfway point of Spring and the Summer heat is just around the corner, this is a good time to ensure Air-Conditioning units are working correctly and efficiently. The last few years of British heatwaves were scorching, increasing the need for Air Conditioning Units. The days will get longer, and the hot sunny weather will be more prevalent. Don’t get caught out, now is the time to prepare for the summer and the warmer weather.

Imagine a hot, stuffy work office. Employees too hot, uncomfortable, unable to concentrate and irritable. Work efficiency will suffer and for some the thought of working in a hot office will be demoralising. Most buildings in the UK are designed to retain heat and withstand colder temperature, so professional maintenance and cleaning of Air-conditioning is essential and business owners should aim to have their AC units checked on a regular basis throughout the year.

Whether you have recently invested and installed your first Air conditioner or are maintaining an existing unit, now is the time to take action.

Here is a brief guide for commercial AC refrigeration maintenance to keep your equipment in perfect working order.

Cleaning and changing your Air Conditioner Filter

A dusty and clogged filter will cause your AC unit to work inefficiently, resulting in higher electricity bills and a lack of cool airflow throughout the space. It will cause recurring damage to the system and shorten its lifespan. So cleaning or replacing broken air filters at regular intervals throughout the year will guarantee efficient performance and undisrupted airflow.

Cleaning your Air- conditioning evaporator Coil and condensate pump.

Inside the AC units are evaporator coils which need to receive regular cleaning so the air can be cooled and flow correctly, cleaning the condensate pumps will ensure that there are no water leaks, which can cause a Health and Safety issue.

Cleaning your Air-conditioning condenser

All commercial AC units will have an external condenser that will require regular cleaning for higher and efficient performance. As they are exposed to the elements, failing to clean will lead to dirt and debris clogging the airflow. This will cause overheating issues and the internal Air conditioning units unable to work as they should. Worst case scenario the condenser will fail, which will prove expensive to repair.

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To ensure your Air-conditioning system is working at its best it will be necessary to have a planned preventative maintenance programme (PPM) in place. This will involve cleaning and maintenance works taking place at regular intervals throughout the year.

You can trust Myddleton to carry out these preventative maintenance tasks for you, our experienced engineers are ready to get your units serviced now. Myddleton can put a programme in place for you so all your units receive a PPM at the right time and so you are ready for the long hot summer.

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Commercial Air Conditioner Cleaning

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