Cleaning and Maintaining a Cold Room

Cold rooms are essential for any company that sells, stores, or transports products that require temperature controlled conditions round the clock. This not only includes all types of perishable food such as fruit, produce, meat and dairy but also other products such as medication, plants, cosmetics, candles, and more.

It is critical that they are stored at the correct temperature to both ensure the product is kept in the best condition and to maintain shelf life and longevity. Without due care, you could risk deterioration of product or loss of stock, which for any business is also risking their reputation.

Cold rooms therefore play such a crucial role in your business’s performance. Routine cold room maintenance and cleaning is necessary and an important task. To keep the supply chain moving, you should be taking steps to ensure cold rooms are working their best at all times and more so on the run up to busy seasonal periods when stock levels are at their highest.

Cold Room Cleaning and Maintenance

Whilst it may be the case that you keep to a strict cleaning regime appropriate for the stock you hold, and clean up spillages as they happen, overtime the dust and debris from stock or vehicle particulate matter can bed into floor, walls, and ceilings, and need a more in-depth clean. There may be high level areas in the cold room which are hard for your cleaning teams to access. Staff should hold PASMA and IPAF qualifications to access the high-level areas.

Whilst the hygiene of the cold room is important, the temperature of the cold room is critical. The evaporators in the cold rooms should be stripped down and cleaned on a regular basis to ensure there is no blockage of ice or debris to restrict airflow, or blockages in the drains causing leaks, which could be a health and safety hazard.

Enlisting the help of a professional company to ensure you keep up to date with hygiene and Preventative Planned Maintenance (or PPM) is an efficient and cost-effective way of making sure your cold room is always working at peak performance.

Typically, this service includes checking that the cold room temperature remains stable when your cold room is fully-stocked, checking door seals for any signs of cracking, deterioration, or general wear and tear, and thoroughly cleaning out and inspecting the component parts of the evaporator, such as the evaporator fins, casing, fans and drains. A professional PPM service also includes a full check of the refrigeration system, ensuring the defrosting function works correctly, checking the compressors for oil leaks, and carrying out leak testing.

Here at Myddleton Maintenance Services, we can provide regular and one-off cold room cleaning and maintenance service for clients across the UK. Give our team a call today on 01438 741045, or drop us an email to for a free, no-obligation quote.

Reasons to call in MMS expertise

Keeping buildings and equipment operational
Much of our work focuses on ensuring that our clients can meet their operational priorities. That means having all their fundamental business equipment fully functional with no costly breakdowns! Malfunctioning or poorly cleaned refrigeration equipment puts stock and productivity at risk, making it vital to never neglect regular deep cleans and planned maintenance tasks.
Assured compliance
The benefits of setting up planned preventative maintenance contacts with Myddleton Maintenance Services is to ensure our clients to stay consistently compliant with Health & Safety and F-Gas Regulations. Some companies also need to be scrupulous about PPM's to meet the terms and conditions of their commercial insurance policies and also their own contractual requirements.
Business efficiencies
Having our team on-call for vital refrigeration & air-conditioning maintenance tasks keeps your equipment running at maximum efficiency, avoiding the build-up of pollutants in any of the equipment mechanisms, or poor functioning due to wear in replaceable components. Our services offer energy efficient savings therefore kinder to the environment.
Avoiding air quality and HVAC problems
As the global pandemic proved, control against invisible enemies is a continuous battle. It is part of all organisations’ corporate responsibility to ensure that their air-conditioning maintenance tasks achieve 100% safe and hygienic results. This is something Myddleton Maintenance Services offers as standard, within all our PPM contracts.
Refrigeration and air-conditioning maintenance is an environmental priority and can underpin your company’s sustainability policy. Our expertise can help you reduce energy consumption, manage your carbon footprint, and enhance equipment durability.
Protects corporate investment
It’s worth emphasising that engaging MMS to provide planned maintenance of refrigeration and air-conditioning assets extends the lifecycle of equipment. Therefore, it makes economic sense to use our planned preventative maintenance contracts to protect the investment made in refrigeration and air-conditioning technology.
Why Setup PPM With Myddleton
The benefits of setting up a planned preventative maintenance contracts with Myddleton Maintenance Services is to ensure our clients stay consistently compliant with Health & Safety and F-Gas Regulations. Some companies also need to be scrupulous about PPM's to meet the terms and conditions of their commercial insurance policies and also their own contractual requirements.
Cold Room Cleaning

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Cost of regular refrigeration and air-conditioning maintenance contracts

Our full planned preventative maintenance contract prices are always transparent, accountable and reliable. We provide a free quote, that you can trust. No hidden extras and unexpected additional charges.

Prices are based on how many sites you need us to visit, and how frequently, as well as the type of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment you need reliably maintained.

Our experience and expertise in this sector guarantee that your costs will be manageable. Especially when compared to the expense you face if your equipment is NOT regularly inspected, maintained and cleaned!

Recommendations for air-conditioning and refrigeration PPM

Myddleton Maintenance Services is fortunate to have earned the loyalty of many clients who are willing to provide testimonies about our refrigeration and air-conditioning maintenance services., both in terms of the quality of our work, and the cost-efficiency of our services.

We visit a highly diverse range of facilities to carry out regular maintenance of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, from premises owned by major UK retail brands and top manufacturing companies to public buildings, locations used by SMEs and estates managed by Facility Management contractors.

Advantages of outsourcing refrigeration and air-conditioning maintenance

Our team can create and maintain a schedule that ensures there are no oversights or missed maintenance deadlines. Your refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment will be our only priority, leaving in-house engineers focused on more pressing daily priorities. 

Also, our highly trained maintenance team build their knowledge of the latest equipment in this sector. So, we can inspect, maintain and clean all varieties of  refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment. Our maintenance team will also carry out onsite risk assessments and compile onsite audits with photographic evidence of the completed PPM and also maintain your  compliance monitoring system.

Myddleton Maintenance Services Ltd can further assist your company by planning and organising the preventative planned maintenance programmes. By using Myddleton to undertake the administration of PPM programmes, your office staff will be free to work on the day to day running of your business.

How to set up PPM for refrigeration and air-conditioning maintenance

The responsive and professional team at Myddleton Maintenance Services are ready to provide a fast quote for air conditioning and refrigeration planned preventative maintenance contracts.

Whether you need 100% trustworthy maintenance services for one site or multiple locations, we can serve clients anywhere in the UK, regardless of the age and complexity of your air and temperature control assets.

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